Focus on Your Benefits – Don’t Be a One Trick Pony Like UKIP

advWhat is the usual benefit you come up with when writing your content?.

“We’ll save you time!”

Is that the best you can do? OK, so long as you can back that up it’s a valid benefit.

The problem is, most companies tout that as their main benefit.

Is it though?

Granted, your latest garden-digging tool will save time if it suggests that I can dig my garden in half the time. The thing is would that really matter?

Surely the fact that it has a long handle, negating the need for excessive bending and therefore preventing back pain, would be of greater benefit?

“We’ll save you money!”

Fab, but the fact that your implement makes gardening easy meaning I no longer need to pay a gardener is meaningless because I never had one in the first place.

It’s time to get creative.

Creative, factual benefits

I’m very aware that by writing “get creative” I may be encouraging some of you to create benefits that aren’t real.

Whatever you decide on must be valid otherwise your reputation will be irreparably damaged.

As I suggested above, the design of the garden tool means it’s easier on the user’s back. If it had a soft grip, that could also be a benefit to those with strength issues, especially your older audience.

To find the right benefits it’s important to stand back and take a look at what you’re selling. Analyse every aspect of it and see how it can be of benefit.

Money and time are important, but they’re not the be all and end all.

You may be wondering what prompted me to write this post and where UKIP come in to it.

Well, it stemmed from an article I read on (a well known cycling website) about UKIP and immigration.

At the time the general election was on the horizon and the story told the tale of a couple of UKIP candidates.

Now, I’m guessing I’m not alone in thinking that UKIP’s one and only policy appeared to be immigration and its associated high levels (mainly because I’ve not heard them talk about anything else).

What amused me was that they were shoehorning that policy into everything – a bit like the “save you time”, “save you money” benefits we’ve just discussed.

The story mentioned a comment made by the UKIP candidate for Ealing Southall, John Poynton, and his comment on the CTC’s website (the national cycling charity):

“The pressures on facilities for cycling are principally caused by high levels of immigration. No party can do anything significant for cyclists until we have left the European Union. Only UKIP will do this.”

When asked to clarify he went on to say that he’d meant there would be room for:

“… all activities and walks of life if fewer people lived here.”


That’s the reason?

I doubt it very much.

By forcing every issue into the immigration arena the candidate made himself look, well, ridiculous quite frankly. Immigration has nothing to do with cycling facilities.

If you want to avoid a similar faux pas, take a good look at what you’re offering your customers and find the benefits that really matter to them.

Understanding your audience is the key to the success of your marketing content.

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