Tips to Buying the Best Quality Promotional Lanyards

WBPromotional lanyards are probably one of the most popular promotional products purchased by companies around the world each and every day. There are numerous factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to buying promotional lanyard to ensure you choose the right quality and that the product you purchase is used by your customers moving forward, providing you with the brand visibility you expect and deserve.

You want to give your clients what they want and what they will use. This means making use of bright colours and ensuring that the product you purchase can manage a key card, an ID card or a set of keys, depending on how your clients want to use them moving forward.

It is imperative that before you start designing your promotional lanyard, you know exactly what your customer want. Knowing your audience will help you identify with them and then choose a product that you know they will want to use moving forward. The last thing you want is to hand these items out, only to have the client throw them in a drawer at the office and forget about them. You want and need to be memorable at all times, always being the first company they call.

Another important factor to consider when choosing promotional lanyards is to identify the purpose of the product. Do you intend handing them out at a trade show or exhibition, do you want to give them to your customers as a gift for their loyalty or are you going to hand them out during an upcoming sale? The use can help you with the design and what you include on the lanyard to make them special and wanted.

Focus on the detail. This is so important. When choosing a promotional product specialist company don’t only focus on affordable pricing and fast turnarounds. You want an excellent quality product which is completed with attention to detail to ensure your branding is on display for years to come. Buying poor quality may see your company name washing off the promotional lanyard after it gets wet for the first time or it breaks after being used a few times. You can avoid these problems by ensuring that you pay very close attention to detail, request samples and ensure quality before placing an order.

Identify if you intend the promotional lanyard to be used over the short term, maybe only during an event or if you are looking for a more long term solution where customers can use it to hold their ID cards, access cards or keys. This will help you identify whether to invest in the highest quality product or if you can work to a slightly lower quality, while still maintaining good quality based on how long you think the product will be used.

Consider the load that the promotional lanyard is going to have to handle each day. Remember someone using it to hold a set of keys is going to put more pressure on the item than someone who is using it to keep their ID or access card around their neck so they don’t lose it. This is something serious to consider. It is always best to focus on a heavier load, so that you know the quality of the promotional lanyard you choose will provide your clients and staff with years of use and enjoyment.

Finally look at turnaround times. You want to work with the promotional product company from the beginning of the project to the end to ensure that you get the products to your door without delay and with plenty of time before you intend handing them out.

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